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Today’s students have grown up in a world of interactive motion graphics, yet classroom visuals often still take the form of static images in text or projected images in PowerPoint or Keynote slide show presentations (what some see as modern updates on 17th century information sharing – see the Magic Lantern – or click the image on the left). But many of our circles participants have been asking about Prezi, the tool we use in our monthly meetings. This post is part of the Prezi challenge and the post and follow up activities are designed to introduce participants to Prezi, which is a cloud based, collaborative, zoomable, interactive, visual storytelling tool for 21st century learning. Challenge participants will learn to make visually engaging Prezis from scratch. They will learn strategies and best practices related to digital storytelling. There will be facilitated hands-on time with the Prezi tool. Participants will also produce their own discipline specific Prezis for use in the classroom and beyond. Still not so sure about Prezi, have you ever watched  “Death By Powerpoint.” Warning: The video below is a stand up comedy routine poking fun at the way people often inappropriately use PowerPoint; it may cause laughter and/or disappointment brought about through self reflection. Either way, it is a fun way to start you thinking about good presentation practices whether you complete the Prezi challenge or not. For those of you who would like to read more about the Do’s and Don’ts of PowerPoint, Click Here. 


So, having watched Death by Powerpoint, you are probably now smiling and ready to learn a little more about how to use Prezi. This post is your first assignment in a 3-part Circles challenge designed to help you learn more about how you can better utilize Prezi in your classroom and beyond. For this challenge, we will also be modeling the flipped classroom. In Part 1, you will be asked to learn some basic vocabulary, read some, watch a few videos and give Prezi a test drive. Throughout this first stage, you will be answering questions, taking notes, and asking some of your own questions. In fact, as you move through the content below, you will notice a number of survey links. These brief surveys are designed to allow you to give the Circles team feedback about the things you are having difficulty with so that we can design/and redesign enhanced Prezi training catered to your specific needs. Please know that we will be using your answers to help us make decisions about how to enhance Part 1 of this challenge.  Your questions will also help the Circles team prepare for Part 2 of this training – our face-to-face session. In Part 2 you will meet for a facilitated, hands-on practice session on using Prezi. In Part 3, you will finish your Prezi, showcase it to the team, get some feedback, and share it with the Circles community.

Ok, now that you know the plan, let’s get started. After each of the videos below, you will find brief surveys. We would like you to watch the videos, try out the techniques demonstrated in the the videos, and then answer the questions in the surveys. To do this efficiently, you may want to have multiple tabs open at the same time. (Insert Video: How do I use multiple tabs at the same time?).

Step 1 – Getting a Prezi Account

First things first, let’s get you a Prezi account. As an educator, Prezi will give you a free EDU Enjoy account as long as you sign up with your school email. Click here to sign up for free.  Prezi will then send you a verification email and you will use your school email as your log-in and be asked to set your password. If you have any trouble setting up your account, feel free to had to any of the campus faculty centers or simply shoot me an email. I would be happy to help.

Insert Prezi Survey Questions 1

Step 2 – Research

Next, before we make a Prezi, let’s take a look to see what others in your respective disciplines are doing with Prezi. You will be surprised to see how much great stuff is already out their. Moreover, most Prezi users happily share their content and allow others to copy and re-use their Prezis. Now that you have created and logged in to your account, take a look at the menu on the top of the page. Look for the word Explore. Click there and then search for Prezis on any topic in your discipline.



Step 3 – Learning Key Vocabulary and the Prezi Editor

Next, let’s check out the Prezi editor and learn some key vocabulary.

Prior to our face-to-face session, you will want to be familiar with the Prezi vocabulary discussed in this first video. To help you with that, here is a Vocabulary Study Guide and Quiz using Quizlet. For those of you who prefer visuals, this graphic might help. 

Insert Survey Questions 2

Step 4- Your First Prezi

Now that you know some Prezi basics, The following video is designed to help you with Your First Prezi

Insert Survey Questions 3

Step 5 – Top Prezi Tips

Ok, now you are starting to get the hang of it. Here are two more videos designed to get you to focus on some of the top Prezi tips

Insert Survey Questions 4

Step 6 – Going Beyond


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