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On June 12th eighty-six Valencia faculty, staff, and students made their debut on the TED Global stage in Edinburgh, Scotland, well at least a picture of them did. And on the 13th, via time delayed-simulcast, twenty-nine talented presenters and performers were digitally transported from Scotland to Valencia’s east campus.

TEDxValenciaCollegelive was a daylong event, where more than 100 faculty, staff, and students experienced the power and wonder of TED talks. With talks on money, geopolitics, science, religion, the arts and more, there was something for just about everyone. At the event, just over sixty students signed up and expressed their interest in creating a TEDxValenciaCollege Club. James May, the event’s organizer, is currently working with Jacob Howe, the student government president, to try and bring this TEDx Club to Valencia. If


you are interested in joining the Club, please sign up here . If you would like to see pictures from the event, click here. If you attended the event and would like to fill out a comment survey, click here.Valencia’s east campus to share their amazing TED Talks.

Not sure what a TED Talk is Click here to go to TED 101.


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