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QR Code: What is it, and how can it help students?

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So, what is it? Alright, so maybe you haven’t heard of QR Code, but chances are you soon will. With the proliferation of smartphones and pad technologies (all now including auto-focusing cameras), you will begin to see QR codes everywhere. So, what is it? The quick answer is that QR (or Quick Response) code is […]

Faculty Development Retreat 2013

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This post is for in house purposes, it will be used as part of the Faculty Development retreat on July 19th 2013, and then subsequently removed from view. If you have come across this post while visiting the Circles of Innovation website, feel free to comment. We welcome ideas.             […]

Augmented Reality

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For a few years now, Rob McCaffrey and I have been kicking around different ideas and applications for augmented reality on campus. We have looked into and tried a few things, but in preparations for this year’s Endowed Chair applications we both started researching things a little more earnestly. Via an amazing TED talk, I […]