Augmented Reality

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For a few years now, Rob McCaffrey and I have been kicking around different ideas and applications for augmented reality on campus. We have looked into and tried a few things, but in preparations for this year’s Endowed Chair applications we both started researching things a little more earnestly. Via an amazing TED talk, I have recently stumbled upon an application that has quite a bit of promise for making AR a reality here at Valencia, we could even embed its capabilities into our Valencia App. It is still going to take a little R&D, but the video below gives you a taste of the kinds of things that can be done. I would love to hear from anyone interested in being part of this work, or even from anyone with ideas for how this technology can be applied to our work.

If you would like to learn more about the technology, go to You may also want to watch the TED talk below.


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  1. Robert McCaffrey

    Some of the ideas we’ve been kicking around so far…explaining pieces of equipment, creating a virtual tutor that offers students different prompts in a workbook, doing simple advising in the lines outside student services or the bookstore. What else do you think?


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