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Centers for Teaching/Learning Innovation

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A place where faculty learning, collaboration, innovation and scholarship contribute to the greater success of our students, faculty and our community. East Campus Building 4, Room 133  (407) 582-2297 West Campus Building 6, Room 326A (407) 582-1051 Lake Nona Campus Building 1, Room 344 (407) 582-4812 Winter Park Campus Room 130 (407) 582-6919 Osceola Campus Building 1, Room 116 (407) 582-4812  

Program Integrity and Documentation of Online Course Attendance

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If you would like a PDF version of this document, click here.  Background On October 29, 2010, the Department of Education (ED) published final regulations in the Federal Register on a collection of 14 topics known as “Program Integrity Issues.” These final rules aim to strengthen the integrity of the federal financial aid (Title IV) […]

The Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI) Overview

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If you would like a PDF version of this document, click here. Each term students complete the Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI) online through CoursEval—this is Valencia College’s course evaluation survey, allowing students to provide feedback related to their experiences in our classes. Students are able to take this survey on their computers, mobile phones, […]

Information Literacy Resources for Faculty

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If you would like a PDF version of this document, click here. The following resources may be helpful in building an information literacy assessment plan. An Essential Partner: The Librarian’s Role in Student Learning Assessment  (NILOA Occasional Paper No. 14.) This paper by Debra Gilchrist and Megan Oakleaf (2012, April), reports on ways that […]

Seven Ways to Integrate Information Literacy Instruction into Your Course or Program

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If you would like a PDF handout of this page, click here.  Embedded Librarian What is it? Most often used in an online course setting, this involves providing a librarian with access to your Blackboard course. The librarian makes regular appearances in the course, can facilitate discussions, answer questions, and sometimes even contribute library-related assignments […]

Deep Learning vs. Surface Learning

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Click here for a PDF handout of this page Deep Learning Surface Learning Examining new facts and ideas critically, tying them into existing cognitive structures and making numerous links between ideas. Accepting new facts and ideas uncritically and attempting to store them as isolated, unconnected items. Characteristics: Looking for meaning. Focusing on the central argument […]

Bloom’s Taxonomy

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Click here for the PDF Version of this document.  Bloom’s Taxonomy came about as a result of a committee of psychologists headed by Benjamin Bloom in 1956. Three areas were identified as key domains. The cognitive – knowledge based domain, consisting of six levels The affective – attitudinal based domain, consisting of five levels The […]

Why Do We Solve for X?

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We have all solved for X in math classes, but have you ever wondered why X? Even beyond math, why is the letter X the word we use for the unknown (e.g. X-files, Project-X, TEDx, etc)? Check out Terry Moore’s 4 minute TED talk below to learn more.