The Jigsaw Assignment

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Jigsaw was originally developed by Elliot Aronson (1978). If you would like to read more about this or learn the History of the Jigsaw, click here. The Jigsaw has since been adapted by a number of teachers at all levels in a variety of ways. Essentially, it is a cooperative learning lesson design that takes the place the place of traditional classroom lecture. It can also be used as a flipped classroom assignment. Essentially, each student within a team has a piece of the information to be learned by all students, and each student is responsible for teaching their section to the other students on the team. When all the pieces are put together, the students should have the whole picture – hence the name, Jigsaw.

While working for the Center for Learning and Teaching Excellence,  Susan Ledlow put together a great handout for Using Jigsaw in the College Classroom. If you would like to try Jigsaw in the classroom, this is a good read.

Also, the image below will take you to a Microsoft Word Template for creating a 4 part Jigsaw.


Jigsaw Activity Template in Microsoft Word


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