Learning in the Cloud (Original Circle)

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Thank you for attending “Learning in the Cloud.” We hope you had a good time and look forward to seeing you October 22nd at our next Circle “Humor in the Classroom.” Below you will find today’s Prezi, handouts, links and more.

Expert Team 3 – Here are your links

http://tinyurl.com/coigoogledoc        and        http://tinyurl.com/coioffice365

Today you were also broken into 1 of four jigsaw groups as part of a jigsaw activity. If you would like to learn more about using jigsaw activities or download a Microsoft word template with jigsaw pieces that you can edit for your own purposes, you might want to check out this link http://circlesofinnovation.valenciacollege.edu/2013/09/10/the-jigsaw-assignment/ Here are the four handouts we used today. Click on the images below to open the files as PDF documents.





Further Reading:

The Cloud Imperative –  Read more about “How Treating computing as a utility, like electricity, is an old idea. But now it makes financial sense—a historic shift that is reshaping how we live

Google Effects on Memory: Cognitive Consequences of Having Information at Our Fingertips – Transactive memory is Wegner’s construct from the 80s, but here is a recent piece bringing it back to life learn more about what Betsy Sparrow, Wegner and team found.

Is Google Making Us Stupid – is a must read piece from Nicholas Carr in The Atlantic. Read this article to learn more about what Google and the Internet are doing to our brains.

Further Learning in the Cloud:

In today’s session we also talked about using Skydrive, creating your own comic strips & making your own jigsaw assignments. Click on these links or the images below to go to the Circles of Innovation posts on those topics.

By the way… here is the link to access your Skydrive directly without logging in to Atlas. http://portal.microsoftonline.com Be sure to use your  atlasname@mail.valenciacollege.edu and password





Thanks again for coming, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your campus Faculty Fellows

East James May

West  Karen Cowden

Osceola  Adriene Tribble

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