Circles of Innovation – Bellwether Finalist

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Thank you for joining us at our Circles session at the Community College Futures Assembly Bellwether Finals. We hope you enjoyed the session and left having learned something you can apply in your own classroom or at your own institution. We look forward to hearing from you and possibly even partnering with you in future work. Below you will find much of the key content from our presentation. Please don hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.‘t he

If you would like a digital copy of our handouts/info packet, click this link here Circles of Innovation – Bellwether Finalist or just click on the handout image.

As you might recall, Circles of Innovation (Circles for short) is an attempt to create both digital and physical spaces where self-directed faculty, those driven by a sense of mastery and common purpose, can come to mingle, contribute, collaborate, solve problems, and create new forms for Great Teaching. Circles of Innovation is “Where good ideas collide and great discoveries are made possible!” is the socially ranked, topically tagged, open-source, shared space where teachers from across the country can come to learn and share.The video below will give you a short overview.


Circles Testimonials – The video below is a condensed version of the 13min testimonials video you will find at the bottom of this post




Kooshing the Envelope  was our traditional (Brick and Mortar) strategy. If you would like to download the handout or visit that page, click here





QR Code was the digital strategy we demonstrated in our presentation? If you would like to learn more about QR Code, click on this link. There you can learn about QR code and download a handout.


If you are looking for some ideas on how to use QR Code, You can also watch the videohow this can be used in the classroom and beyond.

Untitled Project

If you would like to see the longer version of our testimonials video (13min – including the  Circles video shorts), click here or press play on the video below.

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