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Just saw a very interesting presentation @InnovationsConf #INNA14. Long story short, J.D. Cootz and the team at Lone Star College Montgomery were presenting on THE Initiatives (where THE =Teaching Highlighting Engagement), their new classroom space, and their new theme based courses. The courses are kind of like LinC courses but linked by themes such as Fear and Horror, imagine a sociology teacher, a biology teacher, and an English composition teacher all getting together and brainstorming how they could teach their class content and learning objectives but having a shared theme “Horror.” I would love to partner with some teachers at Valencia to offer something similar through the shared theme of TED talks. Any takers?

THE initiativeshorror

They also now have a great wonderful new classroom space similar to our new space on the East campus in 4-210. There is a picture of the room in use below, and below that you will find a time lapse video of it’s creation that J.D. and the team shared in their presentation.


What I found most interesting was how they tracked completion and success rates. Thank you J.D. and team for sharing your success with us. I hope you don’t mind if Circles readers send you an email or two in follow up. 

completion results lassi results



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