Going Walkabout: Picture Assignments

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In our last face-to-face Circles of Innovation session we talked about the power of going Walkabout. We even watched John Medina’s Brain Rule on how exercise helps to stimulate BDNF. Sharon May was kind enough to send Circles an example of how she uses the concept of Walkabout in her Digital Learning Strategies course. For any of you who have gotten on an airplane in the last decade or so, you have probably seen an advertisement for a very unique kind of art in the SkyMall catalogue.

Sharon was teaching her students about the many benefits of using smartphones to take pictures in and out of the classroom to help with learning. She was also demonstrating a free online application for editing these images called pixlr (Think Photoshop, but free), and she was showing how they could use Youtube annotations to link the content they created together as part of a collaborative group project. She decided to use the Alma Matter image as a spark for a walkabout assignment to get her students engaged with the learning activity, and within about 20 minutes the students had gone out and come back with the elements to create this…


But the students did more than that. They Linked the videos they shot at each location together using YouTube Annotations. For those of you who have never heard of that. It is simply a way to make video interactive. For example, users can put links in videos for viewers to jump to different videos or different parts of the same video. Once Sharon gets permission from all of her students to share their videos, she promised an addition to this post, but for now, here is the example she showed her students to demonstrate the concept. It is an interactive movie/treasure hunt. The viewer gets to pick how the story goes (Kind of like a choose your own ending book in video format).

Thank you Sharon for sharing your lesson idea. If you like Sharon’s idea and would like to share one of your own, Circles would love to post what you have to share.  How many ideas can we list? The links below allow you to share ideas and see the ideas that have been shared by others.

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