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Yesterday @InnovationsConf #INNA14 I took part in a energizing and informative  IM:\>2 session (read: impromptu session). Now, I am not sure if there is an official name for these impromptu sessions or not (Please tell me if you have seen one), and this was not the first time I have been part of one of these at a conference, and it most certainly won’t be the last. But I think there should be a name for these. There is just something special about a group of like minded educators getting together for some unstructured shop talk. In fact, I think there should be a way for educators at all education conferences to Self-Organize around themes to make the best use of cancelled sessions. Let’s face it. The conference organizations have already paid for the technology, the rooms, and have even set up what Bill Rankin was describing as the context. Attendees interested in attending the canceled session make up the community, so based on what I understood Bill to be saying about Sugatra Mitra’s work,  it was and always will be inevitable that teachers will emerge. And they did. I want to thank everyone who joined in and shared ideas in that session. More than that, I would like to push for more sessions like that at future conferences. Perhaps there is already a name for them, but if not, may I suggest something like: impromptu

This text speak could still be pronounced impromptu. The IM would, of course,  sound like M but stand for Instant Message. The :\> represents the old DOS prompt. Giving us M Prompt, and the last sound would be 2 which also represents a second try at the session or a second or replacement for the original speaker.  If the Twitter representatives for the conferences could project a list of sessions that have been canceled, the Twitter and other instant message communities could jump in on the topics they were interested in creating IM:\>2 sessions for the conference. If any of you like the idea, retweet it or shoot me an email and let me know what you think. I will be trying this at my next conference.




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