Possible new perspectives on emotion, cognition, and attention

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At the Innovations Conference Bill Rankin made reference the the graphic below. He suggested we take note of the activity (or lack there of) that is happening while in class and joked that if you want activity, you should let your students sleep in class. According to the article, they weren’t really testing education, it just happened to be something in the students time line. What they were looking for were changes in skin conductance, referred to as elec- trodermal activity (EDA). These EDA readings “reflect activity within the sympathetic axis of the ANS and provide a sensitive and convenient measure of assessing alterations in sympathetic arousal associated with emotion, cognition, and attention.” But even as an indirect measure of emotion, cognition, and attention, it does make you feel sorry for this student’s experience in the classroom environment. To read the article, click here or on the image below. 


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