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Writing in a Nonstop World – –

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Daily interactions with computers leave consumers new choices in “Netiquette”.   A program titled, “Quip” allows individuals to nod in agreement when an individual is speaking similarly to the “Facebook” option to “Like” a posting.  Our brave, new world of compiling and sorting data requires new platforms of learning and interacting.  Where will we go with […]

Introducing – Talk About Video Moments

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Thanks again to Dennis Weeks for sharing these great finds with Circles of Innovation. Wow Dennis! you are on fire this week. This is even better than Fin, I can see immediate learning potential with I know it is still in Beta, but wow it really has a lot of potential. For those of […]

SpaceX and the Future Tense

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Ever wish you had majored in a different field? After watching the video of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 reusable rocket, part of me wishes I had spent more time on my math homework. The video below is the Falcon 9 Reusable (F9R) taking its first test flight at the SpaceX rocket development facility. F9R lifts off from […]

Introducing Fin! Making Digital Technology Truly Digital

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Special thanks to Dennis Weeks who just shared Fin with Circles of Innovation. And, while not out until 2015, it does look interesting. I wonder what educational applications will become available through synchronization of Fin and other smart devices. According to their website, “Fin is a real life buddy” allowing individuals to perform digital interactions […]

Apps Aim To Help With Mental Health Issues

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Games like Flappy Bird and Candy Crush have helped many of us de-stress during long waits at the doctor’s office and crowded Metro rides. They have also frustrated many a teacher as students have chosen to play them rather than pay attention in class, but what if an app could actually help with mental health? […]

Quick Guide to Sharing with Twitter

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Most people know that Twitter is a tool for sharing short messages, known as tweets, up to 140 characters long. Twitter is also a great tool for sharing images and photos. Below is a quick guide to sharing and hashtagging images with Twitter. If you are new to twitter, I recommend  Twitter Guide Book – […]

Quick Guide to Sharing with Instagram

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Instagram is sort of like Twitter, except instead of sharing your thoughts and ideas in 140 characters or less, you’re sharing photos and images. Also like Twitter, Instagram uses hashtags to categorize photos by topic. Here is a quick guide to sharing images and using hashtags with Instagram. Visit the Instagram blog for more helpful […]

TESOL Roundtable 2014

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Special thanks to Richard Sansone for organizing this event allowing EAP faculty to share lesson ideas and content. For those of you who couldn’t make it, we had some wonderful conversation about how things are changing in our field and below you will find some of the ideas that were shared. Enjoy! Sins of Greenwashing […]

TouchCast: Next Generation Interactive Content Delivery

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Special thanks to Sharon May and Terry Rafter-Carles for sharing this cutting edge content development tool with Circles of Innovation. Terry and Sharon are currently exploring this and variety of other cutting edge technologies in their Digital Learning Strategies classrooms. Basically, this tool currently works on iPads and will soon be available on the PC. […]

Rethinking Cellphone Policies

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Special thanks to Al Groccia who shared this with Circles. The video below makes for a great conversations starter with respect to the conversation of cellphones in the classroom. Long story short, up until this April fools stunt, this teacher’s policy was that if a phone rings in class the student must answer it on speakerphone. […]