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Infographic: Students Like Social Media

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To demonstrate how to post to circles, I put together a short sample video using this infographic. It has some interesting statistics that could be used to spark some interesting conversations about digital shift and how our as teachers continues to change. Enjoy the infographic. http://socialtimes.com/files/2012/03/students-like-social-media.jpg

Destination: Circles of Innovation – Week 1

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Hello and welcome to Destination Circles of innovation. We hope you are enjoying your first week, and while we have thrown a lot at you this week, please remember that we don’t expect you to try everything (although…if you are up to the challenge, go for it!). Next week, you will see even more ideas. Please know […]

IM:\>2 Walkabout Ideas from TED

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The graphic to the left, and the title sake of this post is pronounced “impromptu.” For those of you not used to text speak…the IM  sounds like M, :\> represents the old DOS prompt (giving us M Prompt) and the last sound is 2 (two) which could represent second try, second session, or speaking with […]