Destination: Circles of Innovation – Week 1

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Hello and welcome to Destination Circles of innovation. We hope you are enjoying your first week, and while we have thrown a lot at you this week, please remember that we don’t expect you to try everything (although…if you are up to the challenge, go for it!). Next week, you will see even more ideas. Please know that we are sharing these ideas in an effort to provide for maximal idea collisions so that your slow hunches can join with the ideas of others and become effective classroom practices. For those of you who don’t remember the idea of the slow hunch, you might want to watch Steven Johnson’s talk again on “Where Good Ideas Come From.”

In true Circles fashion, we are outsourcing your memory for this week. This way, you can always check back here to be reminded of what we talked about. Below you will find our prEmails, information & content links from this week’s sessions, and information about your homework for next week.  Enjoy! And feel free to share. Just because your friends and colleagues didn’t sign up for Circles of Innovation doesn’t mean they can’t learn from your experiences.

This Week’s prEmails

Monday’s Good Read – Nicholas Carr – Is Google Making Us Stupid

Tuesday’s  Digi-know? – Turning text files into audio files for your audiophiles

Wednesday’s IM:\>2 Walkabout Ideas from TED

Thursday’s Learning Trailer Video

Friday’s Sessions

Creativity & Innovation – how and why to use it in the classroom by Gert 

  • Behavior of freshness / stimulus
  • Brain sub/conscience
  • Environment
  • Convergent vs. divergent
  • Greenhousing
  • Edward DeBono: “Rivers of Thinking”
  • Celebrating a classic brainstorm
  • Space as barriers to innovation: 5 buckets turned on their head become enablers; lighting; music

Destination 2014: Innovations and Change – Introduction to Circles of Innovation 

The Handouts

Kooshing the Envelope

Google Infographic 

Let Me Google That For You

Our Prezi

Your Homework

If you have never heard of Google Docs or Writing in the Cloud, you might want to watch the video below to get an understanding of the concept before you go on to attempt your Homework.

***Instructions*** Now that you have a general idea of what a Google Doc is, you are ready to read the instructions and get started. If you would prefer video instructions, watch this video. This summer as we work to curate media to use in and beyond our classrooms. We are going to share our favorite, discipline specific, media to Circles of Innovation. By summer’s end you will all be Circles authors. For now, we are going to start by crowd-sourcing our answers to a few Google Docs. Each of you will be creating your own page (or pages if you are motivated) in these documents. Instructions can be found in each of the document links below.

Homework Assignment Part 1 – Curate and share your favorite infographic(s)

Hint: Go to Google and type in infographic on ________ (fill in the blank with whatever you want)

Homework Assignment Part 2 – Curate and re-press a great blog post

Hint: Try one of these Educational Blogs

These are the screencasted (something you will be learning this summer) video instructions that are linked to above. Enjoy



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  1. Sharon Sookhai mahadeo

    Infographics are very useful for presenting a visual layout of a lot of information. However, they seem to have a limit to how much they can convey.. too much information in a very busy graphic can be as tedious to look at as prose written in several pages of a book chapter.

  2. mgreavesrodolfo

    Infographics would be great in my classes because it is visual and the students would relate to it fast.


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