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The graphic to the left, and the title sake of this post is pronounced “impromptu.” For those of you not used to text speak…the IM  sounds like M, :\> represents the old DOS prompt (giving us M Prompt) and the last sound is 2 (two) which could represent second try, second session, or speaking with another person. For the origins of this term, click here. The idea of the Walkabout was also introduced in a Circles post this year.  Long story short, during our first week of Destination Circles of innovation, we wanted to share some amazing TED talks with you and challenge you to get out of your office and go walk about and share these ideas with others not currently enrolled in Circles of Innovation this summer. It is our belief, and a founding principle of Circles of Innovation, that “sometimes the purest, most effective, form of faculty development is well-facilitated shoptalk.” Please consider these videos and this challenge as our friendly attempt at facilitating great shoptalk. For those of you not familiar with the use of TED Talks in the classroom, you will be hearing more about it as we move forward with this year’s program, but for now, here are some great TED Talks to get you started.

The Challenge

Watch one or more of the amazing TED Talks below, then get up and go for a walk around campus. Find colleagues on campus (or even friends and family at home) and ask them what they think about the idea of using TED Talks in the classroom? If they have never heard of TED, take the opportunity to share with them and show them one of your favorite TED talks.  Sharing with others, is a great way to build a Personal Learning Network of colleagues and friends who will share ideas back with you.  Other topics of conversation might be What is your favorite TED Talk? How do you feel about using TED in the classroom? What do you know about using TED and “Flipping the Classroom.

Arthur Benjamin does Mathemagic.

Amy Cuddy on how your body language shapes who you are.

Pranav Mistry on the thrilling potential of SixthSense.

Hans Rosling shows the best stats you’ve ever seen. While this was a great TED Talk, it was even better when the special effects were added.


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