Images: Cell Phone use in Classroom

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Some educators have policies restricting usage of cell phones at all times in the classroom; this is completely understandable to maintain academic integrity for memory recall quizzes and exams. However, there is an alternate approach that encourages students to utilize tablet devices and data-enabled phones during learning activities to take advantage of the technology with which they are most comfortable. Here are some images you can use to discuss this trend:×768.jpg×383/62744860-teacher-does-texting.jpg!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/display_600/image.jpg

2 Responses to “Images: Cell Phone use in Classroom”

  1. Uma Singh

    I like cartoon where teacher is telling students :
    Is not that Gre8? Text me your HW.. it really made me laugh…lol..

  2. bsartor

    A ‘smart phone’ is a ‘tiny computer’ that can make a phone call…if we allow computer use in class, why not the ‘tiny computer’? I have started to allow students to use the computer side of their phone in class to enhance learning. So far, so good!


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