EMS Tricks of the Trade: Keeping up with the Changing Times

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I confess, I actually have not read many blogs related to EMS, preferring to spend what little spare time I have reading photography books and taking pictures!  Delving into the blogosphere was more interesting and fun than I thought it would be!  I found a blog titled ‘7 EMS Blogs You should read’ by Steve Whitehead.  I was going to select one of his recommendations, but then I realized that his blog was one that I should read!  He writes of the latest and greatest new technology, tips of the trade, how to become better at your job every day, great things to tell your new EMT, how to handle the emotional side of EMS, and so much more.  I love his blog!  I am going to show it to my students and recommend that they follow Steve!


The EMT Blog Spot

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