7 Responses to “Feeling Overwhelmed with Technology?”

  1. Nancy Maurer

    This is both funny and scary. I know exactly how Fred feels! Trying to cover all of our bases – from staying up to date on our electronic “communications,” to learning about merging technology and how to incorporate it into our crafts – it can be overwhelming! Hopefully Fred can re-set himself and find a balance.

  2. atesta3

    Scary! Certainly helps us to remember that balance is important to our MENTAL HEALTH!!! Memorial Day weekend is coming…time for a beach break everyone!!


  3. mgonzalez39

    We laugh (that’s a good thing) …… but I have to wonder about the not-so-future implications …. Have we become prisoners to our freedom……?

  4. Edie Gaythwaite

    Hi Margaret, I remember thinking the same thing when the beeper first came out! 🙂 For those who don’t know, it was a small devise you worn on your belt and it beeped when someone basically texted you, then you would call the person.

  5. mgreavesrodolfo

    This is a funny video..but this is the now generation and technology is growing and growing. Can we implement the balance now.

  6. Suzann

    Wonderful! Humorous and thought provoking. Thanks for posting. Beepers? I hear they’re making a comeback!

  7. usingh

    Yes, I too get overwhelmed with new technology on the way. … not sure what more is going to come.. in future for us to see.


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