History of Beer

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Summary:   Students have a hard time making ancient history relevant to their 21st-century lives.  When teaching about the Mesopotamians and Egyptians, two of the worlds oldest civilizations, I like to discuss the history of beer.  It is relevant to the 21st century, and it is informative.  Beer is actually nutritious!  Student learn that humans were probably drinking beer before they were eating bread.  This infographic also provides  the historical context for beer – a key element in any history class!  Check it out!

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  1. Nancy Maurer

    This is my infographic. I was having some difficulties posting it – so I did not provide viewers with a proper “introduction.” Here is a more detailed introduction:

    Some of our students think history is boring. However, using visuals, such as infographics, we can make even a boring subject quite interesting. Case in point – pre-historic civilizations. I am keeping a few of these infographics in a “reserve” folder. When students start to become disinterested (heads bobbing, eyes drooping…) I can quickly open up an infographic. Suddenly, I am talking about beer and history is now interesting. This is a technique that can be used across the curriculum.


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