Destination – Circles of Innovation Week 2

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In our week two emails, we challenged you to search for clues, much like we are going to challenge you to search for content this week as we curate great content from the web. If you missed them, here are the clues we sent.

This Week’s Emails

Monday’s Good Read – Mark Prensky – Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants

Tuesday’s  Digi-know? – Destination Circles: Digi-Know How to Post to Circles?

Wednesday’s IM:\>2 Walkabout: TED ED, Who Knew?

Thursday’s Learning Trailer Video

This Week’s Prezi

Homework Assignment

Curate two pieces of media that you intend to use in your classroom this coming semester. The media can be from TED, TEDEd, TeacherTube, Slideshare, etc. Then, post your content to Circles of Innovation. Be sure to include, introductory text, images/video, categories, and tags. We also encourage you to go out and rank and comment on your colleagues blog posts. (Note: There may be something in it for the most interesting posts and the most prolific raters)  

Remember, if you are still having trouble using the blog, here are the video instructions for the top ten necessary skills. You can also contact one of your facilitators and they will be more than happy to help or get you the 1-to-1 guidance you need to help you be successful.

Website Introduction

Getting Access 

Behind the Scenes

Adding Text

Adding a Link

Adding Categories

Adding Tags

Adding a Picture

Adding a YouTube video

Adding Circle It


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