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Panono – Panoramic Ball Camera

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Josh Murdoch is constantly finding cool camera technology and sharing it. I caught this item in one of his recent slideshares. It’s a camera ball you toss into the air, and when it senses itself reaching an apex, it snaps a 360 degree panoramic photo. I imagine this would be an amazing device to take […]

Extemporaneous Hamsters

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The Extemporaneous Process:  To extensively  prepare and practice to deliver a conversational speech. These hamsters did not wing it and just walk out of the Kia sporting tuxes. They used the extemporaneous process to prepare and practice before presenting. This short clip is a fun way to introduce the extemporaneous process. (1.5 min) Applause (Hamsters […]

Sweaty Teacher

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What will you be remembered for as a teacher? This Ted-ed provides a great way to start the conversation on the first day of Introduction to Education (or any education course). The funny video leads to a discussion of one’s favorite teacher; or, worst teacher. The Sweaty Teacher Laments

Globalization and Containerization and how the Modern World was Shaped

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Globalization is an ever-increasing social phenomenon affecting nations and peoples across the globe.  It has rapidly changed and transformed our world.  The world has become a a seamless and invisible web of interconnected parts despite all the borders.  Borders do not inhibit communication, business transactions, or the transfer of money and commodities.  As the following […]

Speech Anxiety

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Have you assigned students to make a presentation of any sort in class only to find that they are so frightened to speak in public that they “freeze” even if they know the content quite well?  Stage fright is common among college students, so this infographic is meant to help discuss with them some ways […]