Cyber Warfare

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The imbedded video describes cyber warfare as a new class of weapons and war of the future that is not covered by any legal framework. It clearly states that new international laws are needed to cover this type of warfare and that these laws need to make explicit what an act of war is, when it comes to cyber.

I would like to expand this video to include a discussion regarding cyber security and the fact that the mission of the Department of Homeland Security includes protecting our nations critical infrastructure assets.  There are three primary categories of critical infrastructure to include: human, physical and cyber.  Cyber infrastructure refers to information networks used to transfer vast amounts of information and to coordinate business, industry, banking, and to a large degree, people’s daily lives.

Cyber terrorism and cyber attacks on the United States are major areas of concern that could have major economic consequences.

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  1. Robert McCaffrey

    That was like a video infographic! Great info, great visuals, great prompt for discussion. Thanks for the post.

  2. Petar

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