The hidden power of smiling

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The Hidden Power of Smiling

It’s not very common these days to see a health professional who is knowledgeable, serious about her job, and also smiles. It seems that the stress of working in medical field sometimes makes the health professionals forget about the power of a simple smile. This video in different aspects explains the helpfulness of smile.

3 Responses to “The hidden power of smiling”

  1. Robert McCaffrey

    The baseball card anecdote is classic TED. Very informative and ‘warm & fuzzy’ talk.

  2. mgreavesrodolfo

    A genuine smile takes away the stress from yourself and others.

  3. bsartor

    I’ve always felt that smiles are contagious and everyone should spread them around! What a great TED talk, I’ll have to show this one to my class next week!


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