Muscle contraction

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strong man cartoon : Image is layered so you can edit easily  Put your own logo on his chest Muscle Contraction

Superheroes save the world by using their strong muscles to lift or move very heavy things and also to fly.

Everyday folks use their muscles to carry them from one place to another, for breathing, for lifting reasonably heavy things and for…. Can you list five other things that we use our muscles for?

Click here to look at a picture that demonstrates the Sliding Filament Mechanism.

Then, visit this Muscle contraction animation.

Try to answer the self-quiz questions at the end of the animation.

As a review, check out this YouTube video.


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  1. bsartor

    First: Very interesting graphic on the sliding filament mechanism! It made it very easy to visualize a difficult concept. I learn better by breaking things down into a step by step process, the graphic did that very well. Second: I LOVE the McGraw Hill videos! They explain complicated topics in a way that can be understood, and this video did not disappoint. Last: What a great ides to have a short quiz and review at the end. I think your segment would be a great addition to an anatomy class 🙂


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