Silence the Craziness

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Many college students feel the same way I do right now: overworked, overwhelmed and anxious about tomorrow. We let all of our responsibilities overwhelm us, impeding the completion of any. What we need is some down time, away from it all, a chance for our brain to re energize and refocus. Take a peek at this short video, and see how 10 mindful minutes can change our day.


4 Responses to “Silence the Craziness”

  1. Lauri

    When using my phone to rate, my thumbs are too fat to hit the right stars. Please change this to 5 stars!!!!! As a professor of Teacher Education, I encourage my future teachers to use mindfulness as a discipline tool.

  2. atesta3

    Great commercial for meditation ! This left me wanting to know more about how to be in the present!

    • rkeith

      I just decided on this topic because it was me at the time…. way too overloaded and seriously sick to boot(plus my wife is a counselor). However it just really hit me that many of my students were in the same boat like I was, some perpetually. I have always had a private place where i go to block out everything and I hope others can develop the skills.

  3. bsartor

    I love the ‘simply doing nothing’…I’ve always called it my ‘not be’ time- I don’t have to be anything for anybody during the ‘not be, sit in my comfy chair, stare at nothing’ meditation time. Better and more energizing than the 10 minute power nap.


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