The Mystery of English Spelling

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I teach English as a Second Language. English spelling and vocabulary give students a lot of trouble and are sources of great stress.  Spelling and vocabulary can be thought of as two different skill sets yet are also intertwined.  I used this in class, and I think it could be useful in either a unit on spelling or in a unit on vocabulary.  I also think that it is something students will relate to and connect with, “Yes, English spelling is crazy!”  I think this is a great attention getter.  This video takes the viewer through  the story of the word “doubt” and explains why there is a silent “b” in the word.  The illustration is clear and interesting.  The video is a great length at just over three minutes.

I used this video in EAP1620 this week when we were working on vocabulary in context, focusing on roots as well as prefixes and suffixes.

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