The power of passion – Richard St. John | TED-Ed

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This video would be a great way to engage students in conversations about the broader topics of passion, success, love, and wealth, and the importance of each in their lives. These conversations could then be used as a springboard for a writing activity in which students reflect on what passion means to them- how its presence (or lack of) has shaped their lives, how and when they discovered it, or, if like many of the individuals in the video, they had yet to discover their true passion in life.

The power of passion – Richard St. John | TED-Ed.

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  1. atesta3

    This was a great video and (I agree) a great one to show to students. Many people don’t focus on their passion in life because they think it is unreachable… Instead, they accept jobs they hate and get stuck in a rut and never find their true passion… This is a great video to help people reflect on their true passion.


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