Destination: Circles of Innovation Week 3

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In our week three prEmails, we challenged you again to search for clues, this week many of you emailed in your best guesses. And many of you figured things out. Perhaps we made it too easy on you.

This Week’s Emails

Monday we shared Word Lens & Piano Stairs – The Fun Theory


Tuesday’s  Digi-know was  Dragontape 


Wednesday we shared the power of Evernote


Thursday we shared the Preview Video

Topics Covered this Week

Week 1 & 2 Homework

You have 4 postings to do on the Circles of Innovations website (You are always welcome to share more though. In fact we hope that if you do see great stuff in the future, you will share it with Circles). We understand that there have been some technical issues and you may need some more assistance. The posting are not due right now, you have until the last Destinations meeting to get them posted. Some of you have it completed. Good job! Remember you can always find out the details to the postings by searching your outsourced memory, just type Week 1 or Week 2 on the Circles of Destinations website. There are also great videos to help you in those postings. Also, we are hopeful that in addition to posting you all are reading, rating and commenting on posts. That’s the best way for all of us to ‘bump up’ the coolest content on the site!

Here is a quick summary of the 4 postings that are due:

1) Infographic Posting

2) Blog Posting

3) Media 1 Posting

4) Media 2 Posting

This Week’s Homework

Turn in a draft of your plan to thread together the kinds of things you have learned through Destination Circles of Innovation (using curated content like infographics, TED Talks, Youtube videos, screen casting, green screen, Amara, hangouts, etc). You will be presenting the final version of this plan to your colleagues on our final day, this initial draft will allow you to get feedback from your colleagues and your facilitator.

For example, Perhaps you might start a class with a TED Ed talk to spark conversation, then perhaps you might move to an information graphic to continue the conversation in class before having students write something. Then perhaps you might send a screencast of instructions to your students before they start on a homework assignment. Next week, we will be talking about brick and mortar classroom engagement practices that you will also be able to thread into your innovative lesson.

To help you share your ideas with others (including your facilitator) and to give you more practice with cloud based collaborative documents. The links below will take you to your teams shared document. One of the pages in that document has your name on it (literally) you can use that page to begin drafting your lesson idea.

Screencast of how to get to the documents and add my draft

Sample Draft of a Lesson


Team Iron MAYdon


Team MetALica






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