Eat That Frog!

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I recently completed the LifeMap Certificate Program  at Valencia College.   I learned ways that would help my students succeed in college.   Many of my students struggle with learning how to balance work life, school life, and personal life.  They have too much on their plate, and they don’t know how to manage their time.  Instead of spending time learning how to manage their time, they procrastinate tasks.  Procrastination sets them up for failure.  For the courses that I teach, the frog represents “time management”.  This humorous video clip could be adapted and used in a variety of ways in any course.  Enjoy!









3 Responses to “Eat That Frog!”

  1. llott1

    A great way to start my Friday! I will have this image and ‘ribbet’ in my mind whenever I think of putting off ANYTHING. I will use this to play for my students when things get stressful. Along with STRESSED spelled backwards = DESSERTS, maybe the thought of chocolate covered Frogs will bring about change!

  2. atesta3

    I will have to put this video in my Evernote file for future use! Great video!


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