Five Principles to Radically Transform How We Teach Computer Programming

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This blog talks about seven goals to try an obtain currently when teaching programming. Then, it talks about five way to improve how we teach programming. The first way is to relate it to real world examples in other disciplines. The second concerns anticipating who computing will be done in the future and prepare the students for that. The third is to show the students how it relates to them economically. The fourth discusses delaying the coding process; in other words, pursue the fundamentals of problem solving, etc. Finally, the fifth talks about discussing the big picture, where the parts come together to make a whole, and systems thinking.

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  1. Rob McCaffrey

    Thanks for this, David. It’s some useful information to think about when we are creating summer camps for high school and middle school students, as well as when dealing with college-age students who have never programmed before.


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