Renewable Energy Snapshot of 2050

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Author: Deb Hall

Discipline: Electrical Engineering Technology

Text: This infographic highlights the inevitable increase of renewable energy implementation by 2050. I also like it because of its simplicity and connection to something that my students might be doing everyday like make a “cuppa” tea!

I also have a theory rolling around in the back of my mind that renewable energy related careers is one bridge that will encourage more women to pursue STEM related careers (or as I prefer to call them: “STEAM” related careers because having an “A”rtistic, creative side is definite plus to any scientist, mathematician, technician, or engineer). This theory is in part supported by research which indicates that women are more often motivated to pursue careers that are perceived to better the world and humanity.

I would like to utilize this infographic to first initiate a discussion about the future of renewable energy in Australia and then compare that to a more global perspective of what my students think the rest of the world may look like in 2050 and how the development of new types of renewable energy technology now could better our world and its future to come.


The $240 Billion Cuppa

3 Responses to “Renewable Energy Snapshot of 2050”

  1. aray

    Nice job on this post, Deb. As we’re discussed, the EU is way ahead of the US on renewables. We have made progress on Wind and Hydro, but lag behind Europe on Solar.

  2. jdegraca

    In fact, nice job. Renewables is perhaps the best alternative mankind has ahead.


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