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How reliable is Memory?

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How reliable is working memory?  We deal with memory everyday in the classroom, in the grocery store, on the road, and arriving home after work.  If our entire class witnesses an event like a car crash, how many students would get the details correct? How reliable is your memory?  Listen to this Ted Talk in […]

NISOD 2014 Impromptu Presentation

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I just had a wonderful impromptu session at NISOD 2014 (for those of you wondering, “impromptu” is the correct pronunciation of the graphic on the left). The presenter fell through and the group of us just kind of got together and shared ideas and questions with respect to technology in the classroom. I wanted to […]

The Sherlock Journal

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I was in a Problem Based Learning(PBL) session at NISOD 2014 this morning. While discussing PBL, I was looking for some samples or handouts that I could share with Circles and I came upon the Sherlock Journal. I thought it was a clever way of assigning specific tasks in group work. Essentially, there are different […]

My favorite resources for teaching physics (can be used in any STEM)

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Hello Everyone, Here are the links to a few of my favorite FREE resources for STEM: 1. Phet – Great Simulations Developed by the University of Colorado team. All free, can be downloaded anywhere. PHET 2.CWSEI – Carl Weiman Science Educational Initiative – great resources for K-16 STEM educators. In case you do not know, […]

Scott Right: Student Essay Contest

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Hello from NISOD! I am at the opening general session, and I am just learning about a new essay contest opportunity with up to $3000.00 in prizes. $1,000 Scholarship to the Student Author $1,000 to the Faculty/Staff/Administrator Featured in the Essay Complimentary 2012-2013 NISOD Membership to the Student’s Community College ($1,000 value) Click her for a […]