How reliable is Memory?

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How reliable is working memory?  We deal with memory everyday in the classroom, in the grocery store, on the road, and arriving home after work.  If our entire class witnesses an event like a car crash, how many students would get the details correct? How reliable is your memory?  Listen to this Ted Talk in either You Tube or directly from the Ted website to see what the research says.  The Video is 17:36 minutes:

Elizabeth Loftus: The Fiction of Memory

How reliable is Memory

Memory       Don't Forget               After the event - Memory

4 Responses to “How reliable is Memory?”

  1. bsartor

    So scary to think that we depend so much on unreliable eyewitness testimony in the legal system. Great TED talk!

  2. dhodges6

    Makes you think twice when “gathered around the water cooler” and listening to someone tell something that happened to Susie that Charlie told Gary…you get the idea!

  3. mgreavesrodolfo

    It’s mind boggling when he say, she say gets into the conversation. How reliable can we be to give accurate descriptions from our memory.


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