NISOD 2014 Impromptu Presentation

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I just had a wonderful impromptu session at NISOD 2014 (for those of you wondering, “impromptu” is the correct pronunciation of the graphic on the left). The presenter fell through and the group of us just kind of got together and shared ideas and questions with respect to technology in the classroom. I wanted to share some of the technologies we discussed so that those who were there could remember them. So, here is the outsourced memory from our impromptu session. Thanks for those of you who participated. Also, if you are interested in working with me and Circles of Innovation, please feel free to contact me

Today’s Meet  Backchannel for crowd submission of ideas

Google Operators  Become a master at Google searching with operators like site: and filetype:

Information Graphics visual information for just about every content area Amazing talks by amazing speakers

TED Ed Amazing talks redesigned by amazing graphic animators

Amara An easy way to make your videos ADA compliant

VidBolt A way to add text to the timeline of videos


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