The Sherlock Journal

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lunaroutpostPBLI was in a Problem Based Learning(PBL) session at NISOD 2014 this morning. While discussing PBL, I was looking for some samples or handouts that I could share with Circles and I came upon the Sherlock Journal. I thought it was a clever way of assigning specific tasks in group work. Essentially, there are different roles for students (Discussed Below). To see the full handout, click here.  I also found a cool link to a lunar outpost PBL assignment  from the PBL Network.

Here are the Different Roles

1. DaVinci — the illustrator draws or finds a picture to represent the learning

2. Webster — the lexicographer defines the key concepts

3. Sherlock — the inquisitor develops a list of questions

4. Katie Couric – the summarizer develops a summary of the teams findings.

5 Responses to “The Sherlock Journal”

  1. dhodges6

    Thanks, James-always looking for innovative and interesting ways for groups to interact!

  2. Dianna McBride

    I think all types of learners could use this and it would be fun. Good idea for art concepts.

  3. Elizabeth Solis

    Here is my version for Spanish classes:
    Dalí- the illustrator
    Cervantes- the lexicographer
    Torquemada- the inquisitor (literally)
    Cristobal Colón- the summarizer of team findings. 🙂


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