YouTube or You Missing Out

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I had the pleasure of presenting on YouTube at the Destinations 2014 Circles of Innovation Track at Valencia College.  I was able to share some wonderful features and ways YouTube can be used in the classroom for engagement and connection.

Here are some resources from the presentation:

1)  YouTube Instructional Videos

2)  YouTube or You Missing Out Power Point Presentation

3)  In order to use people in your videos you should have them sign this:  Talent Release Form

4)  Here is a link to a project I did where the students created videos to teach each other math topics in MAT0028C Developmental Math II.

5)  Here is the little intro I did to start the presentation:  Intro

6)  Here is a quick sample video we made in the presentation:  Video

Have fun on YouTube!!


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  1. bsartor

    I could use a ‘tuck your shirt in’ video. We stress professionalism in the EMT Program, having a tucked in shirt definitely is important for a professional appearance!

  2. bsartor

    I was a little sad about the You Missing Out Power Point Presentation- many of the links are no longer available 🙁


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