An incredible video on the power of cultural fictions

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Happy Wednesday! Below is a short (and disturbing) animated video that explores how cultural fictions (especially ideas of supremacy) get passed down from one generation to another. I plan to use this video as a conversation starter regarding our cultural assumptions that are rooted not in fact but in constructed discourse of one’s specific culture. Enjoy!


5 Responses to “An incredible video on the power of cultural fictions”

  1. jdegraca

    Powerful video. Social fictions still abound everywhere, notably in societies highly stratified.

  2. bsartor

    Dark. Very dark and thought provoking. I imagine you will have very lively discussions. Great find!

  3. dhodges6

    How sad that we pass down prejudice rather than love. Great opportunity for engaging our multi-cultural students-thanks for sharing!


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