Funny Song-I Hate Public Speaking!

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This song on YouTube identifies (in a humorous song) many of the symptoms of speech anxiety.  This could be used as an Attention-Getter for a discussion on Stage Fright in a speech class, or prior to any class where you might be assigning students to give a presentation.  You might then follow with helpful tips in overcoming the behaviors shown in the video.




2 Responses to “Funny Song-I Hate Public Speaking!”

  1. mgonzalez39

    This is perfect! Great video, and great ideas about how/when to use it!

  2. Robert McCaffrey

    Regarding doing a “Debra Hodges” version of this, it would be easier than I originally imagined. Rather than a close up picture of your face we could do a medium shot of you dressed in whatever way you want to appear in the video. : )


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