Post-It notes to increase survey responses

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In 2005, Garner found that response rates doubled when Post-It notes with hand-written requests were attached to survey materials. In 2012, the Irish Revenue replicated the study and found that among the 300 randomly assigned businesses, after 15 working days, response rates were 36% for the trial group and 19.2% for the control group (p < 0.001). Apparently Post It notes can double response rates. So, that begs the question… What happens if you put post it notes on feedback to students?

Irish Revenue (2013) Survey of Small and Medium Sized Business Customers 2013.

Garner, R. (2005) Post-it note persuasion: A sticky influence.Journal of Consumer Psychology 15:3, 230-237.


7 Responses to “Post-It notes to increase survey responses”

  1. Aryan Ashkani

    I think it is because it has a personal touch, and people always respond to a personal touch. I think it is great idea to use it as a feed back to students’ work.

  2. jdegraca

    The answer to the question “What happens if you put post it notes on feedback to students?” begs experimentation in the classrooms. It is something that I plan to do this fall

  3. bsartor

    I have used ‘stickies’ for feedback on student papers many times. They love it because it seems like the feedback is more personal, rather than just feedback for a grade. Their original work is intact, without red ink all over (which I rarely use, I prefer kinder colors when grading).

  4. dhodges6

    I like your idea, although if students need to reproduce a grade/remarks for any reason, it might be harder to find the post-its:)

  5. Lauri

    What about a stickie note app that could be used for feedback for online students?

  6. cnevels

    Sounds like an idea I would probably use. I have attended NISOD in the past and found it invigorating!!! Couldn’t wait to get back and share.


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