TV Ads Get Real (People)

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You’ve probably seen this ad from Swiffer. The campaign features spotsĀ featuring people who are not often seen in TV ads. Dove was a pioneerĀ in this area with its “Real Beauty” campaign. That won a Titanium Advertising Award, and, I’m sure, lots of new consumers and supporters.

3 Responses to “TV Ads Get Real (People)”

  1. dhodges6

    Ads are part of the media’s influence as well as reflective of our various families in America. Good discussions around how does the media affect the culture?

    • mgreavesrodolfo

      It does not only affect culture. It also affect how the consumer spends money.

  2. bsartor

    The Swiffer ads can have a great impact of the viewer. One way to interpret their message is that unless you use their product, your floors and homes are not as clean as they can be. On the other hand, using their products make cleaning more efficient. I think some ad campaigns are very influential to our culture!


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