Power of Positive Action to Enact Change

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This video can be used to prompt discussions (in a variety of courses) regarding the nature of positive actions, choosing hope to enact change. While the source is an ad for a Thai insurance company, the message is powerful and well done. The end hints that the change may have challenged others who witness kindness to modify their behavior.

Short Video on Positive Actions

2 Responses to “Power of Positive Action to Enact Change”

  1. James May

    Love the video Andy! I see a threaded lesson with a writing assignment for my students in the very near future. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Buffy Pilloud

    I was very touched by this video and I’ve already sent the link to several friends and family. I plan to use it when I introduce Metta (Lovingkindness Meditation) to my Yoga and meditation classes. Thanks for sharing!


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