Destination: Circles of Innovation Week 4

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Welcome to Week 4: Innovative Strategies. We have a lot of fun ideas to share and look forward to hearing your thoughts, experiences, & contributions as well. Remember, learning from each other is a foundational piece of Circles of Innovation. Who said innovation had to be digital? This week we are going Brick & Mortar. You will move through four sessions, much like last week. Three of the session will discuss innovative Brick & Mortar classroom engagement techniques. In the fourth session, you will be sharing your rough draft of your threaded lesson.

This Week’s Emails


NISOD & Community College Week Essay Contest for $3000.00 in prizes – Describe a professor, staff member, or administrator who encouraged you to complete a course, finish a semester, or graduate from college, and describe how they encouraged you.


The Sherlock Journal – DaVinci ,Webster ,Sherlock & Katie Couric


Post It notes to increase survey responses – What happens if you put post it notes on feedback to students? Something to think about! Not all engagement strategies have to be digital.

Thursday – It’s Brick & Mortar!

The Strategies

Creative Paper

  • A Name Card
  • KWL Organizer
  • Postcards & Bumper Stickers
  • Class Clickers
  • Write On
  • Exit Ticket
  • Entrance Ticket
  • Tag Story/Process
  • Learning Journal
  • Snowball

Post Its

  1. Post It Jeopardy
  2. Post It Time Lines
  3. Diagrams/Histograms/Bar Graphs
  4. Who Am I
  5. Vocabulary Match
  6. Exploring Art
  7. Make-a-Doodle Video
  8. Post It Stop Motion

 Engaging Strategies

  • Continuum Walk
  • Koosh
  • Body Sort
  • Four Corners Walk (Stand Where You Stand)
  • Cold Calling
  • No Opt Out
  • I Don’t Know – YET!
  • Entrance Tickets
  • Exit Tickets
  • Think With a Pen & other CAT’s
  • Wait Time


Next week in our final Destination Circles of Innovation Meeting, You will be presenting your threaded lesson plan ideas. Your homework is to enhance your draft into a final product that you plan to use in your classroom and post that lesson to Circles of Innovation. Below, you will find a sample lesson and some questions you might want to consider as you are planning yours.

Sample Lesson Plan


Have you considered sending a preEmail? throughout the course of Destination Circles you have received emails each week before our weekly meetings, have you considered using the preEmail idea to engage students before class with content you teach?

Have you considered a pre-reading activity? This week you learned the Post It active reading strategies “Book Mark It” & “Questions Questions” How are you getting your students to be actively engaged in any pre-reading for your lesson?

Have you considered an entrance ticket? Is there anything they should be doing before coming to class? If so, how will you know that they have done it? What is their entrance ticket?


What classroom engagement strategies do you plan to use? You saw quite a few this week, but there are many more. What are you going to do in this lesson to shake things up in your classroom?

What video elements are you going to use? What do you plan to use as your video spark? Something from TED, TED ED, RSA Animate?

What are you going to do if the Internet Goes down or is slow? Have you considered downloading a copy of the video you plan to use just in case there are problems. Clip Converter is a free online media conversion application, which allows you to record, convert and download nearly any audio or video URL to common formats you can store on a thumb drive and keep with you.

What infographics or other visuals might you use? Again, what is your plan for if the Internet isn’t working?

How might you get your students to use their smart devices to do a little research on their own during your lesson? What might you want to teach them about searching? Don’t forget, Google Operators like filetype: and site: are great for enhancing google searches. You may also want to discuss how to know if a source is reputable within your specific discipline.

Have you considered an exit ticket? How will you know what they are taking away from your lesson?


What are they going to be doing with what you taught them? Are they going to be writing a paper, gathering research, taking a quiz?

How do you plan to provide, or have other students provide, additional feedback for their work? Will they receive feedback from you or their classmates? will the feedback be in writing, through screen cast, or through face-to-face or video chat?


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