Protein Synthesis

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I’ makin’ protein baby! [click on this link to see a video short]

Now seriously. What is a protein?

It is a complex polymer molecule made up of repeating sub-units or monomers called amino acids.

What does a protein look like? [click on this link to see a picture of the protein – insulin]

Proteins have 4 layers of structure as follows:

1  1 Primary Protein structure –    sequence of amino acids “string of pearls”

2 Secondary Protein structure –  folding: alpha coils & beta pleats

3 Tertiary Protein structure – folding: globs, spheres & irregular shapes

4 Quaternary Protein structure – orientation in space

Click here to see an awesome picture of how the sequence of amino acids progresses through subsequent stages to become a beautiful protein.

Protein synthesis occurs in six steps:

1. Transcription- DNA code to RNA code [in nucleus][click to watch]

2. Migration- RNA moves from nucleus to cytoplasm [click to watch]

3. Editing-  non-coding RNA deleted ; mRNA  formed [click to watch]

4. Capture- of mRNA by Ribosome[click to watch]

5. Translation- mRNA code to amino acid [aa] sequence by tRNA  [at the ribosome][click to watch]

6. PolymerizationrRNA  catalyzes peptide bond formation between aa’s; polypeptide chains form & fold into complex shapes   [in cytoplasm][click to watch]

If you are still not convinced, look at this video of the entire protein synthesis process.

Individual Homework: Write ten sentences describing how proteins are made.

Team Project: Make a labeled model depicting “Protein synthesis” from DNA to Quaternary protein structure.


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