Child Onset Schziophrenia and Example on Modeling and Imprinting

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Author:  Leighann OstrowskyLeonard

Discipline:  psychology

Title:  update of jani, childhood onset schizophrenia

Categories:  psychology, abnormal psychology, schizophrenia

Tags:  childhood, psychology, abnormal psychology, schizophrenia

Introductory Text: This article and video is used in class when discussing child psychopathologies and how rare it is for a child to have schizophrenia and how hard it is on family with family members that suffer from mental disorders. It is also demonstrates that there is a predisposition to some mental disorders, and discusses her brother has severe autism and intermittent explosive disorder.


Introductory Text: This clip is used to demonstrate and begin facilitating class discussion and lecture on modeling behavior and imprinting on animals and humans, when we begin discussing  Lorenz, nature vs, nuture and modeling.

Link: Man accidently becomes mother to 13 Ducklings. This is used in class to discuss modeling and the theorist Lorenz on imprinting.
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Discipline:  psychology

Title:  Man accidently becomes mother to 13 Ducklings.

Categories: developmental psychology, modeling, imprinting

Tags:  modeling, developmental psychology, nature vs. nuture

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