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How atoms bond

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Atoms bond to form molecules. Sometimes, in an atomic tug-of-war, one atom pulls electrons from another, forming an ionic bond. Atoms can also play nicely and share electrons in a covalent bond. From simple oxygen to complex human chromosome 13, George Zaidan and Charles illustrate the chemical bond.

Google Buys Word Lens and Makes It Free!

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Special thanks to Dennis Weeks for sharing this find. Google has apparently bought the popular iOS and Android visual translation app Word Lens. This software uses a smartphone camera to translate signs in real time into the users native language. Currently you can translate back and forth from English to German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese,and […]

Is Marketing EVIL?

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Many people think the modern practice of Marketing promotes unrealistic consumer expectations, inequality in society, and waste. What are your thoughts? Here’s a thought-provoking video on the matter. Consumed – Is Our Consumer Culture Leading to Disaster? – YouTube.

The hidden power of smiling

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The Hidden Power of Smiling It’s not very common these days to see a health professional who is knowledgeable, serious about her job, and also smiles. It seems that the stress of working in medical field sometimes makes the health professionals forget about the power of a simple smile. This video in different aspects explains […]

The infinite life of pi

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This video would be perfect to showcase in many of my EET classes as pi seems to be lurking in the dark shadows of all of them. I am also thinking that this video would be quite powerful to show during our STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math) Rocks! hands on workshops for 5th graders in the Central Florida […]

Cyber Warfare

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The imbedded video describes cyber warfare as a new class of weapons and war of the future that is not covered by any legal framework. It clearly states that new international laws are needed to cover this type of warfare and that these laws need to make explicit what an act of war is, when […]

Panono – Panoramic Ball Camera

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Josh Murdoch is constantly finding cool camera technology and sharing it. I caught this item in one of his recent slideshares. It’s a camera ball you toss into the air, and when it senses itself reaching an apex, it snaps a 360 degree panoramic photo. I imagine this would be an amazing device to take […]