Best Buy’s Website is Trying to Take on Amazon

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Thanks to Jan Mangos for this post:

In Business, we’re deep into the study of amazon as the “retail disrupter.” A disrupter is a power so big and so strong that it can forever change the face of an industry.  Best Buy, along with other retailers, has been suffering because it could not adjust its business model fast enough to effectively battle this behemoth.  BB is also buried under a mountain of overhead in the form of retail leases and inventories.  To add insult to injury, Best Buy stores often serve as “showrooms” for consumers who later buy the products from amazon.

Here is a discussion of another tactic they are using.

Best Buy versus Amazon

best buy website

Best Buy Website

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  1. Edie Gaythwaite

    Rob, I thinking what they have stated about BB as a “showroom” is rather accurate — as I know I like to feel and touch and don’t want the hassle of “returning” any merchandise. I was probably only one of few that was glad to see that Amazon must charge sales tax in FL.


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