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The In’s and Out’s of Memory

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Class: General Psychology Introduction: (summary of lesson) This will be part of the General Psychology Memory chapter lesson.  We will discuss the following in this lesson: ·        Where Memory takes place in the brain. ·        The stages of short and long-term memory ·        Explicit and Implicit Memory. ·        Serial position effect ·        Autobiographical memory · […]

How YOUR Videos will revolutionize YOUR classroom

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This posts discusses not just the use of including Youtube videos in your classes, but specifically mentions the benefits of the Professor actually making the videos themselves.  Short videos of a teacher giving a lesson, primarily in an environment other than the classroom, seems to be more engaging not just compared to lectures, but is […]

Code Switch – Race, Ethnicity, Culture

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Code Switch is an NPR (National Public Radio) blog developed to feature overlapping themes of race, ethnicity and culture. Posts look into how how they play out in our lives and communities, and how all of this is shifting. http://www.npr.org/blogs/codeswitch/

Common Core Standards for Math (Elementary to High School)

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This infographic outlines the strategies for following the Common Core  Standard of math from Elementary School to High School.  This is helpful showing the basic process all students should follow in any subject really: Understanding the problem,  coming up with a solution, verifying results, and ultimately being able to justify results. Image: http://media.routledgeweb.com/eoe/infographic/TexasJones_SMPs.png  

Listening is More than Just Ears

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The Chinese word for listening (pronounced ‘ting’) is made up of different individual words in the Chinese language. It emphasizes that listening is more than just with the ear. Other things come into play – being an active participant (you); eye contact is key (eyes); being attentive (undivided attention) and listening with the heart.

Which Disney Park Is The Happiest? [Infographic]

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This is avery interesting marketing infographic tool that Disney has used to compare different factors that attract visitors to the parks in Florida, California, France, and Japan. Disney world in Florida is the largest with the most selections of entertainments and hotels. I thought it is a very informative marketing tool.

Yoga Blog Post (Buffy Pilloud)

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I have the pleasure of sharing a blog site that my good friend, Buffy Pilloud, found.  The blog is called, “Daily Cup of Yoga.”  This blog site is filled with wonderful articles, resources, apps, videos, and more.  I have tried yoga a few times before, but I never realized all of the resources that are […]

6 Ways to Be a Better Online Teacher

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Special thanks to Susan Ledlow for sharing this Good Read with Circles of Innovation. In this article from Campus Technology, Paul Beaudoin discusses some of the “Tried and tested strategies for molding better online instructors.”