The In’s and Out’s of Memory

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Class: General Psychology

Introduction: (summary of lesson)

This will be part of the General Psychology Memory chapter lesson.  We will discuss the following in this lesson:

·        Where Memory takes place in the brain.

·        The stages of short and long-term memory

·        Explicit and Implicit Memory.

·        Serial position effect

·        Autobiographical memory

·        Flashbulb memory

·        Repressed memories

·        Eyewitness testimony.

·        Tip of the Tongue phenomenon

·        Anterograde and Retrograde Amnesia    

Video: The video will be shown during the portion of Eyewitness testimony.  It is 17:36 minutes long.  Watch it on You tube or on the Ted Talks website.  Both Links are below:


Is Google Changing Our Memory –

Memory –


Writing Exercises that help us understand memory better:


·        What is your earliest Memory

·        Magic 7 exercise

·        Chunking

·        Memory exercise

Other stuff you would put in a lesson plan:

I would like to make a screencast of the instructions to the lesson.

Memory     After the event - Memory     Don't Forget

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