6 Ways to Save Your Life — and Your Company | LinkedIn

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6 Ways to Save Your Life — and Your Company | LinkedIn.

During the year I served as Valencia’s Faculty Council president, I found myself missing the fifteen or so hours per week I was walking around a classroom. After just two months of sitting in meetings and at my office computers I had gained over 10 pounds and was starting to feel terrible.

Inspired by John Medina’s “Brain Rules” (one of the Good Reads listed here on Circles of Innovation) I got rid of my office desk and replaced it with a model that let me stand in my office while doing work.

In addition to getting some activity back into my week, I unexpectedly got a small following of co-workers who were fascinated by this change. After nearly two years, I still have people visiting my office to see the standing desk, sending me links about the dangers of sitting for hours a day, and asking for periodic advice on how they might also make such a change.

The article here comes courtesy of the “Technology-Using Professors” on LinkedIn.com. It mentions the issues associated with too much sitting, but it also ranges a bit wider…offering suggestions in six areas that might improve your health at work.

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